Meet The



John Parker

John Parker has been in the snow management field for well over 20 years as a consultant and commercial snow contractor working in the United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe. John Parker is an original SIMA boards of governors member, which developed the Certified Snow Professional (CSP) program.  John Started using liquids in his snow removal business well over 20 years ago. As the first person to treat a salt stockpile with a liquid in North America, he gained national notoriety and changed the industry as we know it.  John is the Master Distributor of the Ice B’ Gone Magic product for North America and Canada.   He and his staff have developed application programs and techniques designed for the non-municipal/contractor market as well as enhanced liquid training for the municipal market. John has trained thousands snow contractors, management groups and educational facilities throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. 


Kira Flinn

Kira Flinn joined the Ice B’ Gone Magic team in 2002. Kira spent over a decade in sales and as a sales trainer in the competitive telecomunications and technology industry. As an industry outsider, her goal was to become a resource for those new to the industry, new to liquids, treated salt and snow removal. She is known for “setting the record straight” which can be quite a task.  Kira is the National Sales Trainer/General Sales Manager for Ice B’ Gone Magic. She works with all of the IBG Magic dealers in their territory to develop a strong foundation for the use, application of IBG Magic as well as product knowledge for Ice B’ Gone Magic and some of its competitors. She works with each individual in their market to develop a strategic marketing program to grow their winter business enhance their current success.


Giorgina Butler

Giorgina Butler joined the Ice B’ Gone Magic team in 2013. Giorgina spent many years working in banking and finance. When she came on board, again as an industry outsider, her role was Office Manager. During her tenure, Ice B’ Gone Magic experienced considerable growth in the Mid-West. In July of 2017 Ice B’ Gone Magic moved their corporate offices to Minnesota to support the growth of our Mid-West foot print. Giorgina relocated in July of 2017 from New York to Minnesota to conquer her new role of Facility Manager at our Mid-Western manufacturing facility managing the day to day operations, logistics and procurement for IBG Magic. Giorgina additionally continues the roll of Office Manager for Ice B’ Gone Magic.