What is

Ice b' Gone Magic?

Ice B ‘Gone Magic (IBG Magic Granular & IBG Magic Liquid) is a high performance product that can be used for anti-icing and de-icing.  As an anti-icing product, IBG Magic liquid will perform at temperatures as low as -45 F. As a de-icing product,  applied to standard rock salt, IBG Magic treated granular product will perform flawlessly to temperatures as low as -35 F. The IBG Magic once in a  granular form,  works faster and lasts longer than conventional ice melting product that are currently available. Dramatic reductions in application rate will provide users with a saving of up to 30%-50%  of their current salt usage. IBG Magic in a granular treated salt  form is 85% less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. See why everyone is talking about IBG Magic!

IBG Magic is a cost effective material for every snow removal contractor, facility/property manager and municipality due to its reduction in corrosive value, dramatic reduction in material usage when compared to standard ice-melting techniques,and its valuable residual residue that continues to work until it is to dilute to do so. This product is safer for concrete and brick, plant material and is easier on your equipment. IBG Magic is also recognized by the U.S. E.P.A. in accordance with the Design for Environment program (DfE) making it the perfect environmentally friendly product. 



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IBG Magic


IBG Magic






"We have been using and selling IBG Magic for over a decade. We love it, our customers love it, and most importantly, our plants love it."

- Bill Minor
  Louisville K.Y.


"IBG Magic is a game changer! Since using IBG we have reduced our material cost by 30%, labor hours by 20%, and we look like rockstars to our competition! "

- Jacob & Todd Longenbach
  Allentown P.A.



"Over a decade ago we discovered IBG Magic. It has made us more efficient & effective & has reduced our material costs... Which makes us more money!"

- Jonathan Jackson
 Columbus O.H.


"Using IBG Magic on my clients parking lots has saved me thousands of dollars in material & labor costs. Plus not a single accident, slip or fall because of it!"

- Mike Anderson
  Hammond I.N.



"The best reward is knowing IBG delivers everything they claim. We see the results, so do our customers!"

- Doug Anderson
  Dayton O.H.


"After using Ice B' Gone Magic, everything else on the market is just fighting for second place."

- John Romanelli
  Long Island N.Y.



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